Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ramping up

Whew.. it has been a long time. I'm in Haverhill, MA today trying to become more efficient and motivated (this seems to be a recurring theme). But we're getting there. Today I've already read ch XVI and XVII of Don Quixote and the entire Eagle Tribune (local newspaper; takes about 15 mins). I'm putting this up to make some goals for today.

1) Spend 3 hours on job hunting, including finishing pages for LinkedIn and and sending resumes to companies A, B, and C.
2) Find a gym in the area that has a pay-as-you-go option. Go to the gym, run 35mins on the treadmill, light weights.
3) Read ch II and III of "A Passage to India".
4) Create schedule for the weekend and early next week.
5) Review goals.
6) Write 30 minutes.

That should be enough for now...

Here are some pictures to keep you going:

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