Sunday, February 01, 2009

It is Saturday afternoon. It's sunny but cold. Some of yesterday's goals were met and some were not. I spent 3 hours on job hunting and I updated my LinkedIn page but it also brough a lot more to-dos for the job hunt. I am ready to send a resume to company A but need to write a better cover letter. The same goes for company B but I would also like to do some more research. Company C has quite a bit of information on their website so I will be doing a lot more research on them.

I found a gym in Salem where I signed up for a month for $49. I then got on the treadmill and did: 5min warmup, 1 mile @ 7:30min/mile no incline, 1 mile @ 8:00min/mile 1.5 incline, .5 mile @ 7:30min/mile 3 incline, 5min cool down. Then I did light weights. I'm concerned about the running because although I felt good while running, I feel like I'm fading. Plus, I get really bored on the treadmill.

Sat - Portsmouth Brewery
Sun - early morning run at gym, dinner at grandparents' house, Superbowl at parents' house
Mon - snowboarding at Gunstock, run at night
Tues - Boston. MFA, lunch with friend, possibly the Stewart Gardner Museum

Details:- I've been to the Portsmouth Brewery just once, I think. Tonight I'll be going with the parents, Steve, and Rebecca.
- I'm not going to run today but want to get two days in a row (Sun - Mon). I have emailed my running coach and asked for a program so I should be ok for the rest of the week.
- While snowboarding my goals are to get the rust off, practice goofy foot, and smooth out the turns. I remember my last time at Buller I was not executing my turns very well.
- The MFA is my favorite art museum, mainly because I used to be a member and lived a block away so could go whenever I wanted to. Though I did live in the area, I have never been to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I think this is the time.

Today's accomplishments:
- Read the Eagle Tribune and the Boston Globe
- Went for a walk
- Read ch XVIII and XIX of DQ

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