Thursday, September 20, 2007


The Response..

Hi Keith

I have changed you to the Half Marathon event.

Please keep and wear the bib you receive in the mail on Race Day.

See you on 7 October

Kind regards


:-( (sad face added by me)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I've Decided...

I hate baseball.

I hate baseball.

I hate baseball.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Game 2

This one was worth waking up at 6am for:

Saturday, September 15, 2007


What have I been up to?

I've been meaning to put an update up here for a while and that's just what I'll do now.

Picture of the Week: This little game is on hiatus while I pull some stuff together. The last picture (Aug 15) is Larry (on left), Tara (on right), and Stef (holding the camera) in July of 2006, in their backyard in East Boston during their wedding.

What have I been up to?
It seems that after I broke my rib (that's my official diagnosis - no doctor required to make that call) work picked up considerably, as did how much I was reading but the rest of the time was just a big piss up (drunk fest). There was a lot of going out to the pubs, staying out till 4 in the morning on the weekends, sitting in front of the tv watching the footy or rugby. I wasn't able to concentrate on anything productive outside of work. But the weather has improved greatly, the rib feels better, and I'm caught up with work so I have been able to do more outside of work such as running, working out, hiking.

The injury:
The rib feels great and only hurts at times, otherwise, it feels weird - not the rib itself but something internal, especially when I run. This has been a very long recovery where I couldn't run more than 0.5 mile, sleep through the night, or lift anything heavy for 5 weeks. I thought it was a bit excessive for one little rib.. maybe I'm getting old. But I ran all of last week, including doing some nasty hills in the Dandenongs but the downhills did give me that weird feeling sort of below and right behind my ribcage.. any suggestions? Have that organ removed? Suck it up? That sort of thing?

The marathon:
Yeah, right. I did 5 miles the other day.. add 21 to that and I'll be lying dead on the side of the road or walking the last 15. The race is in 3 weeks and, just to taunt me, I got my number in the mail the other day. I can change my event to the half-marathon but I have to decide by Sept 21. Suggestions welcome.

Rugby World Cup:
The rugby world cup is being played in France right now and is being shown nonstop down here - Australia has a good chance. I'm in a pool with 10 people and the set up is that we all pick 2 teams out of a hat (if we got to choose a team then everyone would pick New Zealand) and I picked Argentina (who unexpectedly won their first two games) and Canada (yeah, they're not that good). So now I'm fully behind Canada and have been going around singing the Canadian national anthem... of course, I only know the first two words so it goes something like: "Oh Caaa-nada da da da daaa dada." Everyone's very impressed and I'm sure it will give the backing the Canucks (that's their team name) are looking for to pull off the upset. They're playing Fiji tonight.

What's coming up:
I have quite a few trips coming up so stay up to date by coming back to the blog to check out what's going on. I'll also be spending some time up in the mountains and down on the beach. Should be cool. Hope to hear from everyone soon.

The Grampians:
Last weekend a few of us went to the Grampians, which is a mountain range about 3 hours west of Melbourne. They're not vey big but they have some good hikes and it looks as if they exploded out of the ground, which makes the rocks jagged and a lot of fun to do some free-climbing on. The way that the mountains were formed reminds me of Tasmania and makes me want to take another trip down to the island.

Looking east you can see how the range just ends and
the landscape turns into flat farmland

Dark but you can still see the Tassie quality in the surrounding mountains

I don't think it would be very difficult to convince someone
that this is Tassie even if they've been to both places


What is going on?

I wasted 5 hours of my Saturday watching this piece of shit?
We have the best damn bullpen in the Majors and we can't hold them down for 2 innings? I know that NY has the best offence but let's keep some concentration here. Oki and Pap up there throwing meatballs for the Yankees to push around the park - it looked like I was pitching.
Now I'm just mad...

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Oh, Baby!!!

Man, am I glad I watched this game.

The big no-hitter right when the Sox needed a turn around going into September. Buchholz's stuff was nasty and the bats were working for Boston. After the game I think I watched Pedroia's diving grab in the 7th 10 times. That dude is awesome. But nothing was better than Clay's pitching.

I missed D-Lowe's no-hitter in 2002, I remember checking the score before heading over to Brookline to play some whiffleball and breaking the news to everyone there that we had missed a great game. But I saw this one from beginning to end. I was jumping up and down in my apartment while watching the game on the greatest invention ever -, which lets me live way the hell over here and not miss a game.

Awesome game, Clay! Go Sox!!

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