Monday, May 14, 2007


Monday Morning

it's Monday morning and I haven't had any coffee yet but let's throw up a post just for fun.

To answer Jed's question:

"Can you learn how to play the dirigidoo thing? I think Shut Up Robert could use that in the near future..."

I suppose in theory I could - they sell playable didgeridoos in the market for somewhere between $100 and $200 and then they have 'how to play' books and tapes and they even have CDs that you can listen to other people play with. But I know that Jed is just being facetious and Shut Up Robert is not looking for that sound in the near future, not to mention that I won't even be there in the near future. So the best I can do is ship one over to you (at your expense of course).

The post about my trip to the States will be up this afternoon but right now I have to get through the work day. I am a bit sick today - it started on Saturday - soar throat, sneezing, tired. This is the first time that I've been sick since I moved here. Really, I blame Kelly because she has been sick like crazy for last couple of weeks. Of course, I haven't seen her since October but I blame her nonetheless. Kelly, by the way, is moving to Hawaii today - Honolulu to be exact. Now I'm sure she'll be getting plenty of calls from people that she doesn't know for visits.

Talk to you in a bit...

Keith - I hope that you are feeling better soon! Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest this week.
Actually Besy already has a digeridoo, so we don't need it, as much as someone who could actually play it.

And listen to your mom, "drink plenty of water..." :)
Sweet, it got our band some publicity. That's all I was looking for. Is Guano good for colds?
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