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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Saturday Morning

Answer to Hober's comments:

First off - why do I get the feeling that Hober just posted a comment to plug his own blog? But looking at it, why is the post from July? Did you start it way back then? Didn't you go to Hawaii or something? Where are those pictures?
The previous post alludes to the news that DFW - David Foster Wallace - who I have become a big fan of killed himself last week. So it was more shock than surprise. The book, Infinite Jest, I read earlier this year (after being in the 'to read' pile for 10 years) is his best known novel. And you need 2-3 months of constant reading because that thing is a beast. Not just because of the page count but it's dense, the paragraphs (and sometimes the sentences) can run on for pages and you're constantly checking the footnotes in the back. But it's well worth it.

Not much of an update for this week, I think it's just been full of meetings at weird times - 10pm, 6am, that sort of thing. I did get a lot of reading done this week in the news web pages and a couple of books but that kind of tailed off towards the end of the week. Right now I'm taking a break from cleaning my apartment and then I think I'm going to the mall to buy some new clothes - all sorts of excitement.

In Aussie football Geelong beat the Bulldogs last night, though it was a really good game and tonight the Saints (my team) are playing the Hawks for a trip to the Grand Final (their Superbowl) next week. And best of all, Ula is coming home today after being in Greece since August 22. She lands at 0030 on Sunday.

And what is going on with the Sox playing TB? Come on. You're killing me.

Sunday, September 14, 2008



I am speechless and expressionless in regards to the news of DFW. Please, buy a copy of Infinite Jest, take 2-3 months off of work, and read it. Change will most likely reach you incrementally rather than profoundly and may just come from reading a book.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Lazy Saturday

First we'll answer comments:

Bon - I will pass on the 'congrats' to Big Steve. I saw your pictures on your blog - they look really good.

Mel - I know he was looking for the sandwich because that's a Colourful Cheese Sandwich Bird and it just so happens that I had a cheese sandwich, which is their second favorite food (their favorite being chocolate chip cookies but there's already a bird named that). You might be able to swing a trip to Holden with what you do. Let me know if you want me to look into it. And look at that, I even put a link to your blog on mine.. you're welcome.

This weekend:
It's warm today, around 75, so I didn't do much except laze around town and take a walk down by the beach where there were tons of people and some even trying to get an early jump on their tans. Don't worry, I was sitting quietly on the bench. Tori and I were going to go to the snow to do some snowboarding but it was too warm, it hasn't snowed since Sept 2, and I'm sure the snow was going to be crap. Tonight a few of us are heading up to James Squire in the city to watch the St Kilda v Collingwood match. Tomorrow may be more of today but hopefully getting a bit more done.


Saturday, September 06, 2008


It's Spring

It does feel like it's spring out there today. I wanted to go for a hike, possibly using the snowshoes, but the closest snow is about 2.5 hours away. So instead I went for a quick - couple of hours - hike in the Dandenongs, which worked out better because I was a bit tired today.

Here's a picture of someone that was very interested in my sandwich:

Other stuff that's going on:


Tuesday, September 02, 2008



Tampa Bay is playing the Yankees this week. I really have no idea who I want to win. Really, what do you do in this situation? I kind of wish these games just wouldn't happen.

Somebody think of something for me to do this weekend. I tried to get a bit of surfing and hiking in this past weekend but waves and rain kept it to mostly a driving semi-adventure. Brought the camera but there was no need for pictures.

Congratulations, btw, to Steve and Rebecca for getting engaged not too long ago. Very exciting.

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