Sunday, December 23, 2007



Here's a good question: Where the hell have a I been? Or, actually, to use an Aussie tourism slogan: "Where the bloody hell are ya?"

Well, I'm in Melbourne but in a few hours I'll be on a plane to New Zealand for a two week tour of the South Island. Where will I be? It's complicated but I do have a general idea.
But I've been traveling a bit too - I drove with Corrigan and Bonnie from Sydney to Brisbane over the course of 10 days, then I went up to Cairns to see them, and finished it off with having Bon here in Melbourne for about 5 days.
Here are some pictures to tide you over until I get back from this trip. Also, Bonnie, while on her 7 week trip took over 2000 pictures so once she has those uploaded I'll put up a link for that. And comments to follow too.
From Tori's wine tour in the Yarra Valley:

More wine tour:

Wilson's Prom:


Between Sydney and Brisbane:


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